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                                                   Summary of Protective Covenants

1.  No building shall be allowed on any Property other than a single story, constructed on site, detached private dwelling home with a ground floor
level of 1700 to 3500 Square Feet.

2.  Houses will be for use of a single family, in-law suites and home offices are allowed.

3.  Attached garages are required for a minimum of 2 cars and to a maximum size of 1000 sq. ft.

4.  No dwelling shall have a length greater than 80 feet or a height greater than 22 feet.

5.  Every house will include a screened-in porch of 100-500 Square Feet in size.  It must fall under the main roofline of the dwelling,

6.  All houses shall have at least 80% of the front wall finished in brick, and houses on corner lots must have at least 80% of the end facing the
Clermont Road finished in a brick.  The color of roofs shall be uniform throughout the subdivision, and siding shall be of an approved soft color.

7.  Garbage carts and cans, oil and propane tanks that are stored outdoors must be kept within a storage or screening systems approved by the
developer, and placed along the side of the house.  

8.  Lot owners are responsible for construction of their own well, septic tank & tile field, and to bring electric and telephone service underground
from the lot line to their house.

9. Positioning on the lot of houses, trees, shrubs, gardens, etc shall be done in a way that best preserves the views for other houses existing and to be
built in the subdivision.

10. The house shall not be used for the purpose of any profession, trade, employment, service or manufacture or business of any description, nor
shall anything be done that shall be a nuisance to the occupants of any neighboring property.

11. No commercial vehicle, or vehicle of any kind larger than a 1 ton truck van or mini van, or truck without a pick up box, or truck with dual wheels,
shall be parked, kept or stored except in an enclosed garage.  Major repairs shall not be done to any motor vehicle except within an enclosed
garage, nor shall derelict, abandoned or unlicensed vehicles remain upon the Property.

12. No trailer, boat, camper, snowmobile, snowmobile trailer or other recreational vehicle shall be parked, kept or stored, upon any part of the
Property unless in a wholly enclosed garage except for up to 3 weeks each year to allow for seasonal preparation of such items and/or for visitors
from away.

13. No animals other than household pets normally permitted in private homes in urban residential areas shall be kept on the Property. Breeding or
boarding of pets shall not be allowed.

14. Items not allowed include: exterior television/radio aerials, satellite TV systems in excess of 30” in diameter, window air conditioners, uncovered
prefabricated metal chimneys.

15. The property shall be kept clean, sanitary, free from refuse, debris and fire hazard, and contain no unsightly storage of miscellaneous materials.

16. Property owners agree to complete dwelling construction, landscaping and the driveway within nine months of the start of construction of the

17. All lawns shall be maintained in a professional manner and shall be extended to the street. The use of all fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides
that are approved by the government for home, garden and agricultural use is permitted.

18. Each property owner shall become a member of the homeowner’s association, and will pay an annual fee for snow removal and maintenance
and improvements to the private roads and common areas, and for the monthly cost of street lights.  The annual fee per lot will be initially set at
$500.00 and adjusted as required to meet the necessary annual costs.

19. This summary is for information purposes.  Refer to the full version for complete details.

20. These Covenants run with the land (deeded) and must be assumed by future buyers of the Property.
1782 Square Feet
2137 Square Feet